Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Cure: Live in Singapore August 1st 2007

The Cure are one of those bands that during my melancholy tinged youth people at school ripped the piss out of you for liking, but most secretly did. Come into class sporting a black 'Boys Don't Cry' t-shirt on mufty day and the feral class alpha male would dish you a dead arm while imitating Robert Smith's inimitable moan. Only later, while queuing for lunch, would he reveal that he quite likes 'Lovecats', or that his sister has the limited edition 12" of 'Close to Me'.

Of course, with their big back-combed buffants, skillfully misapplied lipstick, and mercurial front man Robert Smith, they, and anyone who fell for their unique brand of angst pop, were easy prey. However, I defy anyone to not find at least one Cure song they like. As surely as I cannot be a polar bear, it's impossible (Cure fans: song?, the rest: ignore me).

Anyway, my point? The heavily-flanged soundtrack to my pubescence are playing live in Singapore on Wednesday 1st of August. I can't go but tickets are still available - a sad indictment of modern Singaporean tastes of course, but great news for languid Cure fans out there. Having seen them not so long ago I can assure you that ever-widening Robert Smith's voice is ever-enthralling:

Whats your favourite Cure song or album? Mines 'Disintegration' - an elegaic opus of textured, tortured late 80s pop melancholy that, aside from relatively sanguine efforts like Lovesong, sounds like it was recorded from within the tumbledown ruins of a Mary Shelley cathedral.


halfcat said...

disintegration, fo sho!
im glad to see cure fans alllll over the globe :)
found this while looking for articles on dear old robert smith!

halfcat said...

disintegration fo sho!
fans all over the globe!