Monday, 2 July 2007

The Gentleman Arrives...

Welcome to Bangkok Parlour - an ill-thought out, barely conceived, embryonic blog about stuff with a Bangkok slant. I’ll say it straight: this blog will not find me shoveling sleaze, posting prurient pictures or spewing sordid accounts of any pear-shaped conquests as if trophies. Nor will I go out of my way to criticize a place I mostly adore. It’s not that I’m incapable, or that Bangkok isn’t sometimes maddening - it’s just plain and simple not my style.

Instead, my self-appointed mission is to hand you soft-focus (hopefully never sneering) snapshots of Bangkok as it appears through the viewfinder that is my skewed, quixotic, messy, damaged mind. Everything and anything that inspires me, that raises my passions or provokes will get the treatment: clubs in Bangkok, drinking, film, music, news, food, politics, museums, culture, religion, anthropology, Thai movie posters, love. It may take a straight news-orientated path, or have me sprinting down meandering, whimsical backalleys. Whatever route I do choose, the aim is to celebrate much more than to critique Bangkok.

The blog title 'Bangkok Parlour' was inspired, rather impulsively, by a book entitled 'The Gentleman in the Parlour' by author Somerset Maugham - a wonderful, elegant, sympathetic first-hand account of his journey through Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam back in 1930. I read it recently and it chimed with why living here appeals, in part at least: “it's great to become the creature of the moment, clear of all ties and to owe nothing but the score of the evening”. Selfish? Absolutely. But there's more to it than that.

Bangkok Parlour - Coming Soon...

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